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Living Without Carbs

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If you battle with your weight, have type 2 Diabetes or simply crave a delicious alternative to the complex carb diet we have all been led to believe is good for us, then you may find the following pages of interest. We aim to add a lot of recipes, menus, fact feeds and so much more to help anyone who wants to keep their health and diet in check.

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IntroductionPosted by Nicky Sun, April 02, 2017 10:48PM

Our story begins, yes OUR story, as Howard and I decided to look at the way we live with our diet. You see, Howard has been a type 2 diabetic for several years now and I, well, lets just say I was heading in the wrong direction with my weight. In my youth I was always fit and slim, but being a bit of a foodie, well actually a huge foodie fan and early jobs allowing me to travel all over the world, I found my waist line expanding a bit with lovely restaurant food, needless to say several years later and a daughter, the waist just grew and grew. In fact, I put on over 3 stone, which for my small frame was a lot.

Howard on the other hand has always been on the slightly larger side. Nothing wrong with that, it made him extra cuddly, however he has never been happy and tried diet after diet to try and do something with his weight. Nothing ever worked. As I have already said, he found out he had type 2 Diabetes several years back and the doctors placed him on all the usual medication. Gradually over the years his blood sugar levels have been getting worse with neither one of us really taking responsibility of our diet and letting his tablets sort his problem out.

Well, this all changed one January when Howard said to me,“we have to do something about my diet”. Back in December he had several high blood readings of over 15 which to those of you who are unfamiliar with blood sugar readings is incredibly high.

So OUR story is more about the journey we have and are still taking to try and reverse his type 2 Diabetes and lose the weight we both need to lose to control our health.

You will find tips to help you both lose weight and the inspiration (we hope) to change your diet if you are type 2.

All of the recipe ideas in here have been tried by myself or Howard and we will give you our honest opinion as to what we thought. Believe me our tastes are very different.

Also menu plans have been set out to help you plan quickly and easily so you can just crack on with the new way of eating without getting too wrapped up in all the detail.

Oh and by the way, after 7 weeks of this new way of eating, Howard has lost 1 Stone in weight and is no longer Diabetic, he has been ranked down to Pre-Diabetic and I have lost 1 1/2 Stone. We continue to our end goals.

We hope you enjoy our story which today we are still continuing.

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